Pro Election Transparency Group Extols Charge d’Affaires Rodriquez for Commitment to Monitor October Polls

MONROVIA – The “National Brigade for the Protection of our votes” campaign through its supreme commander George Solo has commended the United States Government for its tremendous commitment to strengthening democracy in Liberia with its support to the National Elections Commission for the conduct of a free and fair elections in Liberia.

The Brigade warmly embraces the recent statement made in Monrovia by the Charge d’Affaires of the U.S. Embassy near Monrovia, Madam Catherine Rodriguez. In her statement, Madam Rodriguez called on the NEC to allow and ensure that international and local election missions and observers have full and unrestricted access to all sites, including tally centers where voting and the vote-counting process will take place.

During her inaugural media roundtable, Madam Rodriguez, the newly appointed Chargé d’Affaires of the United States Embassy in Liberia reaffirmed the United States’ and the international community’s dedication to monitoring Liberia’s pivotal presidential and legislative elections scheduled for October 10.

She emphasized that the world’s attention is firmly fixed on these elections and their management. She further stated that the United States, as a long-standing partner of Liberia, has been collaborating closely with the NEC to ensure that all election observers are granted full access to polling stations on election day, as well as to the vote tallying process.

Chargé d’Affaires Rodriguez also issued a stern warning, expressing the United States’ readiness to assist in efforts to preserve the integrity of these elections, ensuring they remain free, fair, and peaceful. This commitment includes holding accountable anyone found engaging in activities that undermine the democratic election process in Liberia, with the possibility of imposing additional measures such as sanctions.

In a statement released in Monrovia on Friday, the “National Brigade for the Protection of Our Votes”, led by supreme commander George Solo, commended Chargé d’Affaires Rodriguez for her steadfast commitment to safeguarding the electoral process. The Brigade reminded the NEC of the pivotal significance of these elections, emphasizing that their credibility and fair conduct are essential for the peace and prosperity of the Liberian State.

The group also announced its intention to organize a peaceful rally on October 1, calling upon the Elections House to ensure that the electoral process remains free, fair, transparent, and genuinely reflects the will of the Liberian people.

The statement declared: “It is of the critical significance of this election and the patriotic obligation of all Liberians that the National Brigade for the protection of our votes will lead a peaceful awareness rally on the 1st of October calling on all Liberians to join in solidarity to express to the NEC and the world that Liberians will expect nothing less than a free and fair process that elects the next president, Vice- President, and members of the Legislature.”